Cayuga Trails

2016 Results


Robert H. Treman State Park
Ithaca, NY


Saturday, June 3, 2017

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Registration open on Oct 29, 2016 at Ultrasignup (entrant limits: 50M - 325, Marathon - 125)

Registration fee includes race, pre/post food/beverage, sports masseuse, Atayne Full Zip (50) or Tee (Marathon) from Atayne for those registering by April 30th.

Additional schwag / gear can be purchased via the Atayne race store.

Entry Fees
Date Race Fee Swag
10/29/16 – 4/30/17 Trail Marathon $75 Atayne Tee
5/1/17 – 6/3/17 Trail Marathon $75
10/29/16 – 4/30/17 CT 50 $120 Atayne Full Zip
5/1/17 – 6/3/17 CT 50 $120


Welcome to the Cayuga Trails 50 and Marathon, presented by Atayne. In only a few years, and with gracious support from generous sponsors, Cayuga Trails has become one of the most competitive 50's in the country, a US Championship, and one of only a few selection races for the IAU World Trail Team. Beyond the front runners though the real focus is to provide all entrants, regardless of speediness, a chance to run some of the most beautiful trails in our neck of the world. From continuous and sometimes steep ebbs and flows, waterfalls cascading through slot gorges, single track to runnable park service trails, creek crossings to historic stone stair cases that test the limits of lower extremities, it's truly a gem.

You'll be provided aid stations fueled by amazing volunteers and GU averaging 4 miles apart. A finisher's award and access to additional and awesomely functional 100% recycled and made-in-Maine schwag from the great crew at Atayne Pre and post-race nutrition from Ithaca Milk & Yellow Truck catering. Post-race muscle manipulation from Dale Cooper. If you're lucky on the day you might run, or hobble, away with shoes from Altra Running hydration accessories from Ultimate Direction socks from Farm To Feet, wine from Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard shades from Tifosi or a portion of the hearty prize purse (both events plus prem's). So, whether fast or riding the cutoff at the back of the pack, you'll have in-race opportunities to win some wicked tasty apple pie, sponsor gears, maybe even a race entry fee refund.

Spend some time on the site, come in a day early for the Ithaca Festival and have your crew join in the Ithaca Festival Mile road race. Look into what the Ithaca area has to offer you over the long weekend on, and let us know if you've any questions. We're looking forward to having you.

Cayuga Trails 50 Cayuga Trails 50

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