Red Newt Racing


Red Newt Racing is in debt to all volunteer hands and spirits which make them possible. Starting in 2015, and following the lead of Rainshadow Running, volunteers can earn discounts off of future Red Newt events. Additionally, as was begun in 2014, certain events will also have volunteer gatherings pre or post a target event to connect, provide tips/motivation for those coming at volunteering or racing w/out much experience, and either wind or unwind together outside of the event.

Volunteer shifts worth 50% off a future event:

Volunteer shifts worth 75% off a future event:

Volunteer shifts worth 100% off a future event:

Volunteer shifts worth 100% off two future events:

Captains (Sub Ultra Distance Races):

Volunteer shifts worth 100% off four future events:

All volunteer credits are good one-time, and one-time only [meaning they aren't eligible for any sort of transfer credit if you use them to sign up for a race and then can't make it]; they cannot be used to bypass race lotteries or to enter sold-out races, and they cannot be transferred to another individual without prior written approval. All coupon codes earned expire a full calendar year after the race for which they're earned.

Additional fine print: Volunteer coupon codes can be used at any of our races provided they're not already sold-out, and can even be given to a friend or family member if you don't want to use it [with prior written consent]. Just let us know via email if you want to let someone else use your volunteer credit! Volunteer credits expire one calendar year from the race in which they were earned, and while we appreciate walk-up volunteers,we cannot provide volunteer credits unless we have written records of your volunteer service, so sign up to help out ahead of time, okay?