Whiteface Sky Races


The Whiteface Mountain Races have challenged runners ranging from some of the best mountain runners in the world while a part of the US SkyRunning Circuit, to multi-generation families with a goal of reaching the summit. The courses offer more vertical gain per mile than quite possibly any other event in the country. Those looking to lay it out there in race-effort will hit a cardio-pulmonary redline in short order on the ascent, with quads turned to jelly at the end of the descent that follows. The reward will be a challenge like no other, on a beautiful mountain, with views of the Adirondack Great Range and clear across to Vermont's Lake Champlain in the distance. It's a unique opportunity, wonderful opportunity, and it would be great to have you.


Whiteface Mountain
5021 Route 86
Wilmington, NY


July 31 - August 1, 2021
Jul 31 @ 10:00: Whiteface Vertical Kilometer
Jul 31 @ 11:00: Kids/Family Mile
Aug 1 @ 8:00: Whiteface Sky Race
Aug 1 @ 9:00: Marshak's Mountain Race

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Entrants to receive: Event production, T-shirt, finisher's item, small to-go-style food post race (most likely a wrap).

Entry Fees
Kids/Family Mile Whiteface Mountain Race (2 Loops) Marshak's Mountain Race (1 Loop) VK
$15 $65 $65 $55

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